Herbal tour


The day begins at the city center of Hamar where you will be issued with you bikes. After a short bike trip along Lake Mjøsa, we will enjoy a guided tour of Norway's biggest organic herb garden at Domkirkeodden.


It finishes with the preparation of dinner using herbs at Bryhni Søndre farm and guest house.


The guided tour of the herb garden at Domkirkeodden demonstrates how plants have played an important role in people's lives for thousands of years. A stroll around the herb garden is both a guided tour of a kitchen garden and a cultural history tour. After the guided tour, you will be served the museum's home-made herbal drink. We will also visit the Hamar Cathedral to listen to Gregorian chant.


From Domkirkeodden, we cycle to Bryhni Søndre, a restored farm and guest house with buildings dating from the 18th century. The proprietor Eva Kragnes has used herbs for cooking for many years, and in the farm kitchen we prepare and eat dinner, which consists of a selection of dishes based on different herbs.


Most of the dishes are made during the course and eaten afterwards. You can take the herbal oil made during the course home with you.








Price NOK 1250 per person, including

guided tour, herbal drink an Gregorian chant at Domkirkeodden


herbal dinner, herbal oil and herbal drink at Bryhni Søndre



Accommodation at Bryhni Søndre:

The refurbished farmhouse has  9 bedrooms sleeping

up to 15 guests.


Price per night: NOK 860 per person including breakfast.


Cycling distance:

Hamar city center - Domkirkeodden: 2 kilometres.

Domkirkeodden - Bryhni Søndre: 16 kilometres.





Groups from 6-15 persons, for people of a normal level of fitness

Interests: Food and history.



Mid-June to mid-August.